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Lovter is a website dedicated to ethanol fireplaces - its many models, types of fuel and the newest innovations in this field. It aims to provide its readers with valuable information on installing and using these products in their houses. Each post explores a new model, prepared with a great care by some of the top-notch designers or discusses the advantages of switching to bio fuel. The platform works with reliable manufacturers which is why the audience will be able to find here useful links to buy bio ethanol for their fireplaces.

Ethanol fireplace - A wide variety of products

There are many variants of these products available on the market. The most traditional division includes a free-standing ethanol fireplace and a wall-mounted one. Since the eco-friendly fuel does not require a chimney, the product can be placed virtually anywhere. A client can choose a model, which is going to become an interesting wall decoration or put it in the middle of the room, as the focal point of the space. On the readers will find the various designs the manufacturers offer their customers.

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